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Economics is boring!  It has got nothing to do with me!

But actually, all the choices that you make ripple to those around you and you are impacted too by the decisions of people close to you; and everyone is affected by the people elected to office, by the policies of the government and the central bank including the major disruption and forces around you. For example, technology becomes an indispensable tool during the lockdown and post-covid life.

If you have not done any online purchase or digital payment before the lockdown, you were forced to create an online account or install a digital payment app so you can transfer payments from your online bank account,  purchase goods and services and pay your bills.

SELFMATTERS is on a mission to demystify the economic forces and events that resound through the lives of everyone and make them engagingly open, understandable, and relatable to help you develop critical views and make wise, educated and confident choices and decisions to support your goals and aspirations in life.

In this course, we are going to talk about 

    1.  1) Inflation and what creates inflation
    2.  2) Why does inflation affect everyone differently?
    3.  3) Why your salaries do not respond as quickly to the rising prices?
    4.  4) Why does BSP raise interest rates?
    5.  5) Inflation, retirement, buying a house and other life goals
    6.  6) How to hit back at inflation?
    7.  7) Indicators that you need to be able to participate in the PH economy

After taking this course, you will have

    1) Understood what inflation is;

    2) Identified how it affects you;

    3) Formulated strategies to help you navigate the rising inflation;

Key Messages

1) Your values, choices, priorities and motivation have an economic impact. 

2) Economic literacy is different from financial literacy. Economic issues affect your personal finance.  Knowledge of economic concepts will add depth to your money decisions, you will develop critical views and also enrich your understanding of social and political issues.

3) If you understand practical economics as it relates to your life and the people around you, you will be able to advocate for yourself and others.

4) Economics is beyond money but relationships of the interconnection of many different forces and players including you, and your role in it, together we can take ownership of our power to shape what matters to us and contribute to achieving our aspirations as individuals and as a nation.

    : Sliding fee. Any amount not lower than Php 99.00
    • 30 August 2022

    • 60 minutes 

    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 NN
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    About the Instructor
    Carmela V. Zabala, MFA

    I'm Carmela V Zabala. I'm the Founder of SELFMatters and the creator of the majority of the financial and economic literacy courses at SELFMatters. As a lifelong learner and begin-again advocate and passionate student for and of life, I am passionate about learning and truth-seeking.  This has brought me to many parts of the world to learn but most of all I learned and benefitted hugely from my own failures and mistakes and how these transformed me for life. I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to share what I learned and to use the SELFMATTERS platform as an agency for transformation and action.

    Over the last 2 and half years following the lockdown, elections and the economic repercussions of the Russian and Ukraine war,  the world changed so rapidly. We received messages from our clients and students telling us that they are left out of the discussion because they hardly understand why the government has to raise taxes, increase social security contributions or why BSP raised interest rates, and why inflation hurts them so much.

    We believe that economic literacy will support social and financial literacy and help people understand key economic concepts and how various forces impact their lives.  They will be able to participate effectively and make critical and informed views, choices and decisions that support their goals and aspirations and help strengthen democracies.

    I studied Economics, took post-graduate courses in Economics and took up a Master's in Financial Analysis and other certificate courses in investment, personal finance and various personal development courses in the Philippines, Spain, UK and Singapore and other countries.

    Looking forward to having you on the course.

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