BLOOM for Young People 2020
Bloom PHP 599
‘Artified’ Social and Emotional Learning for ages 11 to 18 years old

Bloom is a Social and Emotional Learning skills (SELs) workshop for young people. SELs refer to the abilities of the person to recognise, understand, express and regulate emotions, behaviours and thoughts.  Based on studies, SELs influence life outcomes, it helps improve school achievements, school performance, health and wellbeing.

It is relevant and timely at this time of greater need for self-care, wellbeing, security, affiliation, empathy, compassion, safety and trust.

The BLOOM workshop introduces young people to storytelling and the power of art as tools for expression. We leverage on autonomy, connection and self-learning. Young people would certainly enjoy this experience and would come to love this programme in a creative, social, fun, and experiential way and will end up relaxed and equipped of mental and emotional tools and strategies to deal with challenges than when they begin the programme!

Enrol your children and let them gain skills and friends, and allow them to experience the joy of self-discovery!

Unleashed PHP 599
A money mindfulness course for young people, ages 11 to 18 years old

UNLEASH is an experiential learning and money mindfulness training and workshop for young people ages 11 to 18 years old. It combines mathematics, economics, citizenship, consumer literacy, personal mastery, social, and emotional learning.

By increasing the learning experiences of young people, they develop social awareness and understanding of the disparities in societies, scarcity of resources, increasing consumerism, exclusion of some communities, the impact of behaviour to the environment and the choices of people that affect them and future generation. Young people cannot be taught simply how to make more money, it has to be balanced with social responsibility to communities and the environment.

Why is money mindfulness relevant to young people?

Research shows that the age of a person has a direct correlation to behavioural change as young people are in the process of developing emotional, social and financial behaviour.  The younger they learn about the role of money in their lives, how money is earned and how to be mindful about needs and wants, delayed gratification, long-term saving and investing, living below your means, the volatility of investments and so much more, the more confident they are to make wise choices in their lives that will impact positively their future.

Based on a survey made by GSMA, 85 per cent of all children in the Philippines own a mobile phone at aged 10. According to We are Social and Hootsuite Filipinos spend about 10 hours and 2 minutes on social media, which is the highest in the world. Another survey says children receive regular pocket money at age 7 and get additional money as gifts.  These are indications that indeed we need to teach young people how to develop a healthy mindset and heart-set about the use of time, money, talent and other resources.

Young Enterprise Course Passion Project
Passion Project PHP 1499
Young Enterprise Education for young people

Half of the population of the Philippines comprised of youth age below 23 years old which demonstrate unprecedented opportunity for social transformation as they peak into adulthood in 10 or 15 years. Is our society ready to absorb their skills, talents and energy? Entrepreneurship offers opportunities to turn their aspirations into enterprises. Young people should be taught early to create their own future, to shape the world around them and find entrepreneurial solutions to address challenges in their communities. In the context of pandemic where many companies shut down or closed down, what design thinking opportunities can be developed?

My EconoMe PHP 1499
Experiential course to understand the relationship between what young people learn and their successful participation in today's economy.

My EconoMe is an introductory workshop about how the economy works and how it affects you and me.

Have you ever wondered what the role of the government is? Why do you have to pay taxes? Where does the government get money to build roads, bridges, schools and pay for benefits? And why my spending, acquiring debt and saving can impact me and others? My EconoMe is a fun, rule of thumb, layman, jargon-free [ok less jargon] and non-academic understanding of basic Economics.

This is a good complementary and foundational course to financial literacy [UNLEASH] and social responsibility [SOAR] for young people. This course combines social responsibility, citizenship and consumer literacy.

Why is My EconoMe relevant to young people? 

By widening the learning experiences of young people, they develop interest, curiosity and understanding about how society is organised, the world around them and their role and responsibilities as citizens and consumers. This course can open opportunities to pursue an interest in economics, finance and investment or social development as a career choice or a bright future that young people can carve out for themselves.

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Research shows that the age of a learner has a direct correlation to behavioural change as young people are in the process of developing emotional, social and financial behaviours.

SELFMatters believe that not all learning is academic.  We should take advantage of the highly impressionable period by introducing SELF Programme which stands for Social, Emotional, Lifelong Learning Skills and Financial Capability at a young age.  The earlier we introduce these courses, the more likely young people will be able to develop strong character, habits and patterns that will give them a very good head start in life.  There’s really nothing guaranteed but if you provide young people with opportunities to open their mind and heart, heighten their awareness and curiosity to learn new and exciting things and apply the lessons in an everyday situation, they will be able to succeed in incorporating powerful habits, resourceful beliefs and values that will serve them in life.

We identified that academic curriculum is just one of the learnings.

SELFMATTERS fosters social and emotional, lifelong learning skills and financial capability for young people and adults.

With the home as the centre of learning following the closure of schools, we create diversity, richness and context in the content.

Social and Emotional, Lifelong Learning Skills (SELs) cannot be more emphasised during this time of the pandemic.  SELs is not just for young people but for all across ages. SELFMatters courses are relevant and timely at this time of greater need for self-care, wellbeing, security, safety and trust. Our courses aim to promote resilience, empathy, self-esteem, perseverance, curiosity, optimism, inner strength and confidence.

The shutdown of schools does not mean that learning is cancelled. Learnings do not just take place at the school but everywhere more so it’s been put back to the fundamental place which is the home, and with parents as the primary educators. So, this is a time of greater learning for both young people and adults. With the Covid-19 crisis as the backdrop for learning at home and with parents as teachers, the experiences of people like fear, sadness, survival, coping, overcoming, finding ways are critical life lessons that we need to understand and learn so we can put them in context to form and strengthen their character. It’s a time of deep work within!



We are the Philippines’ School of Human Capability.
Learning cannot wait. Education must be prioritised. Resources must be made available immediately. Young people should not be put in silos but with the help of technology, we can find greater connection and richness in learning.
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