2023 Year-End Report

Published Jan. 01, 2024 Yearend report

As we reflect on the past year's accomplishments, we are proud to share the milestones in our commitment to fostering social and financial literacy globally. Our dedication extends to equipping and empowering young people, women, employees, MSMEs, and disadvantaged communities like smallholder farmers and inner-city public schools

In a world marked by uncertainty, volatility, increasing digitalisation and deregulation, and pension reforms including mental health challenges, our focus remains crystal clear: to impart 21st-century financial knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges and the ever-evolving financial and economic landscape.

We are so grateful to share a summary of key highlights from our endeavours in 2023:

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

Financial and Entrepreneurship Curriculum for the Eurozone

We are thrilled to lead the development of an EU-initiated and funded comprehensive suite of financial and entrepreneurship curricula with a focus on SMEs and women adapted to the post-pandemic context [digitalisation and decarbonization] in the European Union. 

Conversation with Prominent Women Founder- Entrepreneurs

We orchestrated a dynamic conversation with influential women entrepreneurs in the Eurozone, delving into their experiences balancing household responsibilities, caregiving, and work throughout the pandemic and its aftermath. The wisdom we picked up from their insights left us in awe of their courage, boldness, resilience, business acumen, and creativity. These remarkable women are powerful role models, inspiring women and girls worldwide with their extraordinary journeys.

Masterclass Certification Courses and Training

We developed masterclass certification courses in Social and Financial Literacy for global trainers and mentors in South Africa, MENA, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia to accelerate financial literacy across the world.

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Financial literacy course for Smallholder Farmers in the world

This project resonates as the most impactful and meaningful project, revealing profound insights into the challenges faced by smallholder farmers worldwide. Their pivotal role in ensuring food security, promoting health, and combating climate change underscores the urgency of our collective support.

We are committed to contributing towards transformative financial literacy for the smallholders.

Photo by Hari Gaddigopula on Unsplash

Entrepreneurship Curriculum for School-age Children:

We developed a specialized curriculum to foster an early understanding of entrepreneurial concepts among school-age children and to cultivate a future generation of problem-solvers and innovative thinkers.

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Workplace Financial Wellness

Studies reveal a startling reality: employees spend an average of 16 hours per week worrying about finances. When employees think about money problems at work, they waste company resources as well.

This is where Thrive for Life, the SELFMatters Workplace Financial Wellness Programme comes in. We break down the barrier to just-in-time financial wellness by making it visible, accessible, and available to all employees. This innovative programme blends behavioural change with financial capability, seamlessly integrating with the health and wellness initiatives many organizations initiated during the lockdown.

Thrive for Life leverages the power of the workplace to reach the diverse needs of demographics particularly women for large-scale behavioural change. It's not just a programme; it's a transformative approach to financial well-being in the workplace.

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Research shows that the age of a person has a direct correlation to behavioural change as young people are in the process of developing emotional, social and financial behaviours.

Adults who received financial education at a young age are more capable of managing their financial resources than those who did not.

SELFMatters created UNLEASH, a social and financial capability programme designed with young people in mind and contextualised for work transition readiness. This course equips young people with financial knowledge, confidence, and behaviour to transform the way young people think, feel and act about money.

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Why Financial Literacy Matters to Girls and Women?

Extensive research reveals a significant financial literacy gap between men and women, rooted in differences in confidence, risk aversion, and a bias towards the present—culminating in a persistent wealth gap. The stakes are particularly high for women, given their longer life expectancies.

To bridge this gender gap in financial literacy, we advocate for early training and empowerment for girls. It's about fostering their human agency to shape life trajectories, boosting knowledge, self-confidence, and a healthy risk appetite.

In response to this challenge, SELFMatters has crafted Flourish, one of the important financial literacy programmes. It is a cutting-edge, gender-sensitive financial capability program of the 21st century. It's not just about closing the gap; it's about empowering a generation of women to take charge of their financial destinies and shape their communities.

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Economic literacy

SELF MATTERS has unveiled an economic literacy programme, doubling as a CPD course tailored for professionals.

Why does this matter?

When citizens grasp practical economics, they're more likely to vote for policies that not only benefit them personally but also contribute to the national well-being.

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SELFMatters’ Financial Literacy courses are CPD courses

In the ever-evolving financial and economic landscape, where economic conditions, technology, pension and retirement reforms and financial regulations are in constant flux, SELFMATTERS designed the financial literacy courses as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses for professionals across diverse industries.

This is not just a course; it's an essential toolkit for professionals navigating the complexities of today's financial world.

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As we look ahead, we are excited about new and big projects and collaborations in 2024 including the opportunity to make a huge impact.  We remain committed to advancing our mission of promoting social and financial literacy globally and accelerating gender equity.

We are so incredibly grateful to our partners, collaborators, and supporters who have played a vital role in making these achievements possible.

Thank you for being part of our journey.