Published Jan. 21, 2022


There are reasons to support women.  

We observed that women are innately multidimensional, naturally heroic in a quiet way and self-sacrificing. Also, they are generous and hopeful. They can achieve so much with little time and help. However, these amazing qualities sometimes work against them because these are abused or their work oftentimes are not directed to benefit them or not credited to their efforts and contribution.

SELFMatters will continue working with women and women groups.  

We have a key role in contributing to women’s transformation through education and awareness.

We empower women through wider access to SELF literacy courses - social and emotional learning and financial capability. The more we capacitate women, the greater understanding they have of who they are, their gifts and potential, the more confident they are to tap into their potential, raise their socio-economic opportunities, become visible and contribute more to their communities.

In this generation, we have a tremendous opportunity to influence and transform culture.

SELFMATTERS developed an exciting learning programme in 2022 in the following areas which we believe will make a huge difference to women.

i.    Confidence Building

ii.   Communication Skills

iii.  Financial Capability

iv.   Social and Emotional Literacy

v.    Work+Life Plan

Be part of the women's group SELFMATTERS is building.  Forward this link to your female friends.