Published Jul. 20, 2022

Gender equality is the foundation of our mission in helping women begin.

As a school of life skills and as a begin again advocate for women, SELFMATTERS recognises that gender inequality impacts an individual's access to human capability resources.

SELFMATTERS' commitment to gender equality is informed by the Sustainable Development Goals and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

SELFMATTERS' commitment to gender equality is part of the broad policy on diversity and inclusion in order to promote equality in the access to human capabilities such as access to training and education, information, access to credit and financial resources, access to health, access to social network regardless of marital status, disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and social class.

SELFMatters is committed to challenging gender norms and providing women with wider access to social, emotional, financial and economic literacy training so that they are empowered to use their agency to make educated choices and decisions that support their life’s aspirations.

SELFMatters’ programmes are continuously evaluated and designed with empathy for all genders’ contexts and are able to reach more women who may have traditionally faced challenges in accessing training or implementing what they have learnt.

Also, SELFMatters champions access to care and support for both men and women who have caring responsibilities and we ensure a flexible working environment by providing parental leave and ensuring that we are supportive of the caring responsibilities of our employees.

We are committed to delivering a transformative gender equality policy as SELFMatters grows, learns from and collaborates with organisations that are fully committed to making these aspirations a reality.