Published Oct. 04, 2022

As we move into October, we’ve been so excited about preparing for our courses this month.
Thank you to all our partners, collaborators and students!

When we introduce ourselves to our community, we normally talk about our financial capability [fin cap] programme in general but this month and the entire fourth quarter going forward we will be talking specifically about the projects that we have so passionately been working on in our “fin cap lab” and super excited to roll them out massively up and down the Philippines and where the Filipinos are across the seas.

For those who don’t know, we did a lot of training on Financial Wellness more than any other time in the last 2 years in the lockdown. When we broke down the causes of anxiety and stress that most people experience, money always comes up on top of the list.

Although the best things in life are free this is only true if your physiological and security needs are taken care of otherwise people suffer mentally. Now, that more and more employees are back on site, people do not necessarily escape money dilemmas when they go to work. They bring it with them to work and back home and anywhere they go.

This is where Workplace Financial Wellness Programme can come in to help employees to access it from their home or onsite work.

The Workplace Financial Wellness Programme is for MSMEs.

Everyone deserves to feel financially secure.

Contact us about how you might want to rethink and reimagine your employee benefits.

Grab this once-in-a generation-opportunity to shape the workplace culture to be kinder, more compassionate, healthier and equitable place for everyone.