Happy World Mental Health Day!

Published Oct. 10, 2022 Workplace Financial Wellness Programme

We are so excited to share with you that SELFMatters advocates health and wellness and joins fellow advocates and stakeholders in promoting, protecting and improving the mental health of our communities.

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SELFMatters identified how money intersects with mental health and wellness.  

We recognised the Covid-19 pandemic is a health crisis that morphs into a financial and mental crisis. As such, mental health problems may lead to productivity losses and weakens our communities to self-actualise their fullest potential.

As the Philippines has emerged from the lockdown, employees do not leave behind their financial worries at home or in another place to be able to focus on work. They bring it with them at work, anywhere they go.

This is where Workplace Financial Wellness Programme can come in to help employees to access it at the right time from their home or onsite work.

The ethos behind the Workplace Financial Wellness Programme is based on: 

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a. SELFMATTERS see every employee as a whole person [ie emotional, social, financial, spiritual, physical and occupational dimensions] across different gender in whatever role they choose to express themselves.

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b. The power of the workplace should be promoted for large-scale social and human transformation to spring about.

Employees spend most of their lives navigating the different life stages at the workplace e.g. starting a family, planning child care, dealing with major life changes and retiring.

Behavioural change can take place in the workplace with the right incentives.

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c. Everyone has a right to feel and deserves to feel well. 

Health and well-being for everyone is a worthwhile goal.

Based on research made by the University of California says that happier employees are more committed, more productive and creative, rise to leadership rapidly and suffer fewer health problems.

Indeed, positive feelings are agencies for transformation and action.

Let's work together and make health and well-being a priority at your workplace.

Please read our Workplace Financial Wellness Programme and how we can distil them into actionable lessons in your organisation.

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