Published Mar. 04, 2022 Mindset

If you are struggling to begin a project, a business, overcoming a setback or turning your situation around, surrender might be a powerful posture. You can redefine its meaning to help you unleash its power.

It can mean letting go of what you can’t control and focusing on what you can in your context.

It can also be regrouping yourself or rethinking your options to help you refocus and better understand what you want, what your situation means and what needs to be learnt from the experience.

Surrender can also be a creative space and a liberating experience to bring about your curiosity which might provide an impetus to help you reimagine your situation and get back on your feet emotionally.

Make the most of it

1) Work deep within.

You can take time to learn, recover and gain strength.

Failures are teachers. Be a good student. Harness the lessons learnt and grow in wisdom.

Ask yourself psychotherapists’ self-distancing questions such as “What would your life be like without the problem?”  “If everything went perfectly in your life, what would that look like?”   Or how exactly are you going to achieve your goals?  

Picture yourself working hard, sacrificing social life, travel and family time and overcoming your self-doubt and negative self-talk, if you are energised by what you see, then go for it!

These questions remind us that life is not free of challenges and failures and provide clarity on what you really want from life.

2) Talk to experts and counsellors. 

Reach out to people who may have experienced a similar struggle in the past and might offer wise counsel on how they bounced back and transcended beyond difficulties. Find the meaning of your struggles and failures and the silver linings of your situation.

3) Rethink your strategy. 

Failures are feedback so change your strategy and take responsibility for your situation.

    *Source: Dr Melissa  Madeson, Ph.D.