Published May. 19, 2022 Social and Emotional Learning

The campaign and the results of the PH election have an emotional, physical and financial impact.  We all invested our time, energy and resources.  We put our hopes and aspirations into the people who represented our values.

The results may be in our favour or not. Nevertheless, to help us move on and move forward, here are some practical tips that you can do.


  • Rest.

Mental and physical fatigue can take a toll on our general well-being. Rest is super important. Research showed that our brain is busy when we are at rest. It consolidates and compresses what we learned and helps us get better when we go back to work.

  • Journal.

Writing down what you feel helps you make sense of the situation.

According to studies, any memory that you react to emotionally [i.e., you keep on thinking, rewinding and obsessing], means you have not analysed it causally resulting in mental baggage or burden that you carry with you which increases your stress, unhappiness, and compromises your wellbeing and paralyses you to move forward.

Putting your emotions into words helps you organize them in your brain, make a life course correction and break free from the past.

  • Make a plan.

Planning creates meaning in our lives and opens possibilities to achieve our goals. Research showed that goal setting showed a strong connection to success.

Create a timeline for your goals and take micro-steps to achieve them.

  • Keep a schedule and show up.

Routine helps form habits if you consciously commit to it and welcome discomfort. Keeping a schedule and showing up organizes your time and energy and enables you to create evidence of success. The more you show up to do your exercise, clean up your room or meditate, the more you build skills and mastery. It increases the certainty of success and reduces failure which can boost your confidence.

  • Pray.

Praying is a powerful posture of surrender. It helps you transcend difficulties and let go of what you can’t control and focus on what you can.

Research showed that praying just like meditation calms your nervous system making you less reactive to negative emotions.