Getting Yourself Back in the Work Game

Published Jan. 04, 2021

For most of us if not majority will still be working from home. Preparation is crucial for a stress-free and unharried start of the workweek. Here are some straightforward tips to help you transition back to your work in an enjoyable way:

  • 1) Get organized – Whether you are working for yourself or others, what is the 20% in your to-do list that will give you 80% result? Or what are the 3 things that matter to you today that will have a considerable impact on your day or overall feeling?
  • 2) Resume your routine – Start with the little things to help you get adjusted nicely like preparing yourself a cup of tea or coffee or responding to a mail.
  • 3) Prioritize – Push the meetings back, email clean-up and other admin stuff that do not contribute to the 80% result.
  • 4) Have a contingency plan –Allot a time in your day for the unexpected. Maybe you have a client calling you about something or a boss calling you for a meeting. Anything can happen.
  • 5) Have a break- After lounging for a few days, you need to take advantage of stretching, walking and coffee break.  As much as possible do not eat lunch while working. 

Have a great start of the week!