How did you do this week?

Published Mar. 20, 2021 Learning and Development

The weekend is always a good way to catch up with yourself.  Take time to review and reflect on your milestones.  Yes, looking at the glass half full is a creative place to start.  This activity gives you awareness to recognize your accomplishments and lessons, breaks the cycle of stacking up zoom meetings after meetings and resets you for the coming week with a deeper engagement with life.

You can answer some of these questions or you may pick just a few ones.

  • 1) What major projects or goals did you accomplish?
  • 2) Did you make any meaningful connections?
  • 3) What have you learned?
  • 4) What are the things that you want to learn more about?
  • 5) What have you discovered about yourself and others?
  • 6) What challenges have you encountered?  What are the silver linings?
  • 7) How did you contribute your gifts?
  • 8) How have the activities of the week help you develop your skills?
  • 9) What did you put off this week? Why?
  • 10) How would you do things differently?

This is an obvious life hack that has a huge potential to increase your satisfaction because it gives you clarity and understanding of your milestones and helps jumpstart your coming week with intention and confidence.