Published Dec. 05, 2020 SELFMATTERS in the Community

We’ve thought about rolling out our popular courses to kick off the launching of the virtual course offerings of SELFMATTERS ACADEMY AND SELFMATTERS for BUSINESS, but we could not detach our objectives with what’s going on – typhoon after typhoon in a COVID-19 situation.

Also, there’s a bigger story out there that we felt connected to and that reflects our values and ethos, that is, to do our share in the community. So, when we were looking for who might be our target beneficiaries this 2020, we thought of the fishermen and the farmers. That’s because

  • 1) these 2 are essential workers particularly during this time but often neglected;
  • 2) much of the resources is definitely already there. We just have to harness them. When we were looking for a collaborator, we just didn’t find someone by chance it led us to connect with Arch Cocoi Base, a millennial architect-artist who is not just from Bicol but has got a heart for the community and his kind of art is a perfect metaphor for rebuilding;
  • 3) Largely, supporting the affected farmers and fishermen is prioritizing our own sustainability, and this is for everyone’s interest and what everyone desires even before COVID-19.

If you could, bring your teams, family and friends to join countless of others to sign up to this course. This class is suitable for all levels.

Please prepare the following materials:

1) Pens preferably with varying colours and point thickness

2) Sketch paper like bond paper, board papers, cartolina

3) Rulers, triangles, templates or use any straightedge objects

4) Pencils (varying lead hardness)

5) Measuring Tape

6) Erasers

7) Used magazines, newspapers, prints, wrapping papers to be cut out in geometric forms

8) Drawing Compass, Protractors, Circular Objects or any improvised round object like a lid

9) Pair of scissors

10) Paste or blue tack or tape

We are so happy to donate the proceeds to Bicol’s farmers and fishermen. 

Can we count on you?

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Looking forward to you joining us!