UNLEASHED: A Social and Financial Capability for Young People

Published Jul. 15, 2021 Financial Capability and Financial Freedom

Young people have greater financial concerns than the generations past.

More young people are thrust into work or take greater financial responsibilities while still a student to support themselves or their families.

While some young people have become indebted to get through university and to fund living expenses or lifestyle.

Also, the pandemic left some young people extremely vulnerable due to the financial impact of the crisis on their families.

The economy and the financial marketplace have become more volatile, uncertain and complex.

As young people transition into the world of work, it is crucial for them to learn practical financial lessons such as 

· How to look for work

· How to pay debt and avoid indebtedness

· How to save and grow their money

· How to prepare for the what-ifs

· How to develop social and emotional skills

· How to develop personally

When they peak into adulthood, they are more equipped to navigate the post-pandemic world and make wise choices that would impact their financial wellbeing positively in the long term.

SELFMATTERS is excited about the ongoing rollout of UNLEASHED up and down the Philippines.

We are passionate about building financial capability for university students particularly those who are transitioning into the world of work.

Also, we are inviting organisations that work with students in the age group 18-20 years old to sign up and avoid FOMO!

How to sign up?