Published Feb. 07, 2022

This photo popped up on my feed just in time to kick off our Youth Financial Capability Programme tomorrow. This was the last face-to-face financial capability event that we participated in for the young people in the Philippines. 

I was invited to speak at the College of Architecture at the University of Santo Tomas, one of the oldest universities in the country, founded in 1611.

So grateful to take part in this event for 3 things:

First, my late mother graduated from this university. I remember when I went to the school imagining how she was as a young person during her time going about her classes. Some time ago, while decluttering, I came across my mum’s report card, I was impressed, she was an A student! I think she would be proud of my work at SELFMatters as she was always of her children.

Second, I love the creative field and so engaging with Architecture students just made me curious about how they explore creativity and culture in design and how design can be a powerful tool in regenerating communities.

Third, SELFMatters’ reason for being is to transform culture - how we think, feel and act about money. We are making our UNLEASHED PROGRAMME, a social and financial capability course widely available to young people up and down the country. Our courses are 100% impartial, unbiased and independent.

Research shows that the age of a person has a direct correlation to behavioural change. The younger a person learns about the role of money in his/her life, how money is earned, how to save and invest, the time value of money, the financial impact of the pandemic and illness, economic uncertainty, taxation and the emotional connection with money, the greater possibility to develop skills and confidence in making wise choices and decisions in life including who they vote for as it impacts their personal finance.

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