Published Jul. 26, 2022

SELFMATTERS is launching an economic literacy course for all women across ages [recommended for all Filipinos]. 

The content is a rule of thumb, jargon-free and practical presentation that aims to help women make educated and confident choices and decisions.

Why does economic literacy matter?

Women are vastly underserved but they drive the household economy.

We make economic choices and decisions every day, from the moment we wake up to the time we end the day. Resources are limited so we choose what is best for us even if it’s imperfect.

Economics is at the heart of all public debate – from elections, the Russian and Ukraine War, Covid19, and public services like transport, health, and education, to taxes, social security, salaries, groceries, credit card and how we elect leaders.

Policymakers and government leaders make decisions that affect our lives.

What’s in it for you?

Understand.  If you understand economics in the most practical sense, ordinary citizens can decide what they need to live decent and dignified lives.

Discuss.  If you understand practical economics and discuss it with your families and the wider communities, particularly those who are in the peripheries, we can advocate for ourselves and others.

Influence.  If we understand that the economy is beyond money but relationships of the interconnection of many different players including you, and your role in it,   together we can take ownership of our power to shape what matters to us and contribute to achieving our aspirations as individuals and as a nation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.