The Magic Happens When You Speak About Your Passion Project

Published Nov. 29, 2022 Learning and Development

Passion projects seem to have a life of their own and sometimes sharing it with other just come out naturally and unconsciously.

I have had that experience recently when I talk about a particular challenge about a project without any intention of asking for resources.

However, a few weeks later, a relative of mine connected me to a friend of hers who does exactly what we need to do for that project.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

So, my suggestion to you is to talk about your passion, your aspirations, or goals to anyone intentionally.

It’s a super strategy that will inevitably catapult you to the next level of your journey.

Whether you talk about it in presentations, blogs, posts, dinner, or coffee with friends, family, and strangers, who knows, someone might be in the room resonating with your project and the magic might just happen.

Some people around you might not be interested but others are and will respond to you, help you, share their ideas with you, or connect you to someone.

But here's another important benefit - the more you talk about your project, the clearer your ideas and vision become, and the more confidence you gain.  

Photo by airfocus on Unsplash