Published Jan. 10, 2022

The festivities are over.

SELFMATTERS starts today.

What are you beginning to do? 

I’m Carmela Zabala. I’m the founder of SELFMatters. We help people begin again.

SELFMatters started as a project until it needed to be more organised to support its development and growth.

These past 2 years were challenging but we are so grateful for the following we were able to do the following:

We pivoted to online learning;

i.     Redesigned our financial capability courses to be more practical, real-life           inspired, non-partial, unbiased, just-the-facts, and backed by research;

ii.    Developed social and emotional learning and rolled it out in the public              school and non-profit organisations;

iii.   Built collaborations with diverse organisations both here and abroad;

iv.    Greater focus on women and youth;

v.     We began a community group for women;


We are all wired to begin again.

This year, we are super excited to do more of these -

  1. i.     Share more of ourselves. I took an intro video of myself after much practice with a mobile camera in a room where I prayed no plane to pass overhead for at least 6 mins. There are faint sounds in the background but yes, I did it! Check it out and please give me feedback!
  2. ii.    Own our power, try new things, and allow ourselves to have a rich human experience. Let go of perfection and pleasing people! Life is too short! If not now, when?

  3. iii.   Honouring our mistakes, overcome and keep moving forward!

  4. iv.    Think outside the box. How might we? Why not?

  5. v.     Be present. Be mindful. Be thoughtful. Notice people and things. Share the lessons.

  6. vi.    Connect the dots. Trust our intuition.

  7. vii.   Go in the opposite direction. If we thought, it’s scary or not sure… Just press through!

  8. viii.  More meaningful engagement!

  9. ix.   Have fun, be vulnerable;

  10. x.   Share with a friend in your life who needed to hear this or who demonstrates this! Maybe it’s you!

Have a blessed 2022!

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